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Innovate My World

Our Story

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria hit the northeastern Caribbean Islands. It was one of the worst hurricanes on record for the small island of Dominica. Because giving back would make our summer a lot more fun, we decided to host a camp for children. All expenses were paid so that income would not be prohibitive. The students in the program constructed robots, learned creative and performing arts, attended career workshops, and discussed problems along with creating groups to address solutions. The program was well received and has continued every summer since to extend and include workshops on sustainable agricultural practices.
Meet Our Team

Our Board of Directors

Hayat (Curriculum Planning)

Hayat is an Educator who believes in the value of service. She teaches her students to measure success not just by what they gain for themselves, but also by what they give back to their community. She encourages her students to create goals, learn new concepts, and persevere through challenges. Innovate My World extends her reach to students in Dominica. Identifying problems on the island and giving the students the tools to develop solutions drives her mission. Hayat obtained her B.A. at UMBC and MEd from Loyola University.

Hayat heads curriculum and instruction at Innovate My World. 

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Grace (Strategic Planning)

Grace lives by the belief system that knowledge is power and that the appropriate use of power can initiate a positive trajectory for the world. Grace migrated to the United States in 2000, focused her studies in Computer Engineering and quickly joined the corporate America workforce, focusing in Cybersecurity and Software Engineering. She is now a Director of Technology Risk Management where she lives through and sees the “knowledge is power” mantra in action everyday. It was in the corporate environment that Grace realized that many of the innovative, empowering and disciplined facets of the culture, would positively impact underinvested communities if translated to those communities appropriately. Innovate My World is the means to implement that vision. Grace is a robotics coach for pre teens, she has her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, is a Certified Information Security Professional and is a Project Management Professional. Grace heads strategic planning at Innovate My World.
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Gayle (Community Outreach)

Gayle believes in bringing people together and is a strong advocate for collaboration and the pooling of resources to accomplish almost any task. It is this passion for collaboration that has steered her in the direction of supply chain management where she works as a Logistics Analyst and currently serves as President on the Board of Directors at her local ASCM chapter. Innovate My World allows her to bring together like minds, pooling community resources together to inspire, empower and impact the youth to become innovative and compassionate leaders. Gayle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems,  is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and also holds HAZMAT certification.

Gayle heads community outreach at Innovate My World.

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Viviana (Social Media Specialist)

Viviana is a proud Dominican who lives by her motto “in everything you do, do it with pride and persistence ensuring excellence in your endurance and execution”. She is currently an MRI Director focused at providing diagnostic imaging expertise. Her bachelor’s degree is in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Viviana is an advocate for ‘thinking outside the box’ and cultivating a strong balance between work and play. Innovate My World helps achieve her goal to expose students to the world of STEM (Science Technology Education and Mathematics). She believes that professional and personal development never ends, and the aim is to work smart and not hard.  Viviana currently lives in St Kitts and Nevis.

Viviana heads social media and marketing at Innovate My World.

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Innovate My World relies on volunteer services from experts in the fields of coding, arts, crafts, dance, painting. We have volunteers from the medical profession as well to educate the youth on best health practices. We would be happy if you join our team of volunteers.

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